Statement by the Speaker of the House

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Dec. 18, 2019) -- Speaker Jose Oliva released the following statement after the Governor's announcement on prescription drug importation:

“Today’s announcement is the product of a President who puts people first, a reform minded Governor with a bold vision for Florida and a determination to get results for all, and a legislature committed to keeping its word and giving Floridians access to cost effective and safe medications. We agree with the President that the implementation of this newly expanded market should be done quickly and look forward to working with his Administration to make that directive a reality. This plan should expand access, reduce cost, and ensure quality and I am grateful to my colleagues who supported this initiative. The law authorizing today’s action is 20 years old. Implementing the law, and the rules to go with it, seemed until today to be an immovable object. Our challenge now is to keep it moving and I have no doubt, under the leadership of President Trump and Governor DeSantis, we will do just that.”

In 2019, the House passed HB 19 establishing the Canadian Drug Importation Program.


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