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Speaker Oliva Announces Select Investigative Committee in Response to China-Moffitt Controversy

Speaker Designate Sprowls to Chair Committee, Public Integrity & Ethics Committee Chairman Tom Leek to Vice-Chair

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Speaker Jose Oliva has released the following announcement in response to reports of possible Chinese exploitation of taxpayer-funded research:

“With the recent revelations of Chinese meddling in Florida taxpayer-funded research as well as wrongdoing on the part of leadership at the Moffitt Cancer Center, I am announcing today the formation of a select committee to investigate any further improper or illegal activities involving Florida’s research universities, medical research facilities, and individuals associated with such institutions. The select committee will be chaired by Rules Committee Chairman and Speaker Designate Chris Sprowls. This committee will have broad jurisdiction to investigate, introduce legislation, and make reports to the Speaker and the House for further action.”

The following notice was sent to the clerk of The Florida House of Representatives to mark the creation of the Select Committee on the Integrity of Research Institutions:


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