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Statement from Florida House Majority Leader Dane Eagle

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida House Majority Leader Dane Eagle has released the following statement in response to the Florida Supreme Court’s Advisory Opinion to the Governor Re: Implementation of Amendment 4, the Voting Restoration Amendment:

“The bait-and-switch technique used by Amendment 4 backers has been revealed in the Florida Supreme Court’s advisory opinion, and the truth prevails. The Court writes it is ‘beyond dispute’ that the Amendment 4 sponsor said it intended ‘all terms of a sentence’ to include fines and fees. Polls found that most Floridians believed it included fines and fees when they voted for it. Regardless of intent, the plain language of the amendment clearly means that a felon must meet ALL terms of their sentence before having their voting rights restored. Thanks to our great Governor Ron DeSantis for requesting the Court’s opinion, and to Reps. Paul Renner and Jamie Grant for their leadership on the issue. With this advisory opinion, the residents of Florida who voted for this measure win, the victims win, and the integrity of the Florida Constitution and implementing law has been upheld.”


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