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Speaker Oliva expresses 'grave concern' over the news out of Moffitt Cancer Center

Speaker Oliva Asks Speaker-Designate Sprowls to lead Preliminary Investigative Efforts

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Speaker Jose Oliva released the following statement after the resignations at Moffitt Cancer Center.

“The news coming out of Moffitt Cancer Center are of great concern and compel further investigation. While Moffitt’s leadership acted swiftly and decisively, a deeper look into this and all of our institutions is in order. To these ends, I have asked Speaker-designate and former prosecutor, Representative Chris Sprowls, to lead our preliminary investigative efforts. Floridians, and all Americans, should be greatly concerned at both the potential theft of intellectual property and the corruption it implies. Compromising our public health and research institutions puts all of us at risk. The Florida House will do everything in our power to hold people, and institutions, accountable.”


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