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The Florida House authorizes subpoenas to FCADV after alarming salary, governance abuses arise

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- The Florida House today authorized subpoenas for board members of the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV) as part of an ongoing investigation into lavish salaries, paid leave abuses, and misspending of taxpayer dollars.

On Wednesday, the coalition turned over spending documents to the House that revealed “exorbitant compensation payouts, failures of leadership, misuse of state dollars, and breach of public trust.”

The governor has called for a swift review of the materials by Chief Inspector General Melinda Miguel and potential follow-up investigations by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Department of Legal Affairs.

In response, House Speaker Jose Oliva released the following statement: “The Florida House will act swiftly to secure evidence while ensuring that no program assisting victims of domestic violence is disrupted. In addition, if we determine it is warranted, we will refer any criminal activity to appropriate law enforcement agencies. Lastly, the Florida House will move legislation quickly to hold the FCADV accountable while preserving services for domestic violence victims.”

House Majority Leader Dane Eagle said, “As the taxpayers’ representatives, we are deeply committed to exposing any improper use of state dollars. Issues of potential fraud, waste, and corruption are urgent matters to our Caucus. For this reason, House Republicans not only stand in support of Gov. DeSantis, we will work with our fellow lawmakers to thoroughly investigate FCADV. There are clear consequences for those who refuse to be transparent and responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

Public Integrity & Ethics Committee Chairman, Tom Leek said, “The PIE Committee will leave no stone unturned in our investigation into this abuse of authority. We are certain, at least, that what went on at the FCADV was improper. We must now determine how we recover those taxpayer dollars and whether any criminal activity took place. I thank my staff for their hard work well into the night and assure tax-paying Floridians that today is just the beginning of our mission to hold the FCADV accountable.”


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