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Social Media Protection for Minors

Sponsored by Representatives Rayner and Sirois

  • Would have required social media platforms to: - Disclose, in words suited for children, an expansive list of its policies relating to topics such as content moderation, use of addictive features, safety protections, and data collection and selling. - Provide clear access to local law enforcement and safety resources, protective measures on usage and content, and reporting mechanisms for harmful behavior. - Require children to read and accept a disclaimer on the potential harms of using social media at log in.

  • Would have prevented a K-12 school receiving state funding from using or having an account on a social media platform which does not post a statement on its website ensuring compliance with the above requirements.

  • Would have prohibited a public K-12 school from requiring students to participate in social media platforms related to school-sponsored educational activities, while providing a clear exemption for online tools for official business.

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