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School Choice

Unlocks school choice for every student, regardless of race, income, background, or zip code by expanding school choice scholarship eligibility to all 2.9 million school-aged children in the state.

Empowers parents to decide what is best for their child and customize their education.

Funds students, not systems, by creating empowerment savings accounts (ESAs) to allow parents to use education dollars already earmarked for their child in the public education system.


Start Times

Establishes appropriate school start times as a zero-cost way to improve both academic scores and mental well-being.

Addresses the impact of sleep deprivation on middle and high school students by requiring later school start times to be in effect no later than July 1, 2026.


Banning Social Media Use in Classrooms

Would have protected our children from the harmful impacts of social media by instituting comprehensive transparency and safety requirements for platforms targeted for minors.

Would have directed social media platforms used by children to disclose, in words suited for children, content, safety, and data privacy policies

Would have ensured compliance by prohibiting schools from using a platform which does not abide by such policies.


Higher Education Reform

  • Advances the ideals of education, not indoctrination by defunding DEI programs and promoting merit-based achievement over ideological preferences.

  • Gives graduates the tools for success by focusing postsecondary education on degree production for marketplace values and productive careers.

  • Provides more learning opportunities by expanding financial aid and industry programs and incentivizing university investment in STEM fields.

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